Brian McLaughlin, also known as (B-Daht) is a American comedian and radio host, best known for creating "The Freestyle Funny Comedy Show" alongside cast members, Anthony "Chico" Bean and Darren Brand. As of Season 6 to 8, B-Daht was also one of the recurring cast members of Wild 'N Out on MTV and MTV2.


In 5 years of doing stand up, B Daht has had the privilege of performing audiences all around the country, coupled with having a decade of experience as the funny man for the "Santillian and Wild Out morning Show" on 102 JAMZ in NC. B Daht currently has his own morning show on 102 JAMZ, "3 Live Crew" with his co-hosts: Roxie & Drankins. B-Daht later became a cast member on the sixth season of Wild 'N Out on MTV2. B-Daht is the co-founder/host of The Freestyle Funny Comedy Show, a 90 minute stand-up/improv show.


  • His most known moment on the show was when he asked guest star Bow Wow, who gave better oral sex, his ex-girlfriend, Ciara or Rev Run's daughter, Angela Simmons.
  • He is the second FFCS comedian to become a cast member on the show.
  • He filmed his stand-up comedy special for Wild 'N Out Presents in February 2015.
  • He has appeared on 5 episodes in Season 6, 3 episodes in Season 7, and 3 episodes in Season 8.
  • His last season as a cast member was Season 8.
  • He was born in St. Louis.
  • He is 34 yrs old .
  • His birth sign is Virgo.
  • He was born in September 11th 1983.
  • He created Freestyle Funny Comedy Show.