Chanel Iman/Migos is the thirteenth episode of Season 6 of Wild 'N Out on MTV2. This episode features Victoria's Secret model, Chanel Iman as the Black Team Captain and also features Nick Cannon, Migos, and Timothy DeLaGhetto premiering and performing their new song "Pajama Pants". This is also the first episode to have a Pajama Party theme.


  • Talkin' Spit - Winner: Black Team
  • Late Night Questions - Winner: Black Team
  • Tore Up From the Floor Up - Winner: Platinum Team
  • Wildstyle - Winner: Black Team


Platinum TeamEdit

  • Team Captain: Nick Cannon
  • DeRay Davis
  • Conceited
  • James Davis
  • Karlous Miller
  • Blair Christian
  • Jacob Williams

Black TeamEdit

  • Team Captain: Chanel Iman
  • Timothy DeLaGhetto
  • Emmanuel Hudson
  • Kojo
  • Pete Davidson
  • Lauren Flans
  • Corey Holcomb

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