Emma Carroll, also known as (Lil Freckles) is a American rapper from New York and is also of the new cast members on Season 9 of Wild 'N Out on MTV.


Lil Freckles aka Lil Frex is an on-the-rise rapper and comedian from New York. Since starting out in 2013, she has had her music featured on HBO’s Girls been profiled for the “Up Next” column of The New York Times and is excited to be a new cast member on MTV’s Wild 'N Out. She has performed all over the country and opened for the likes of Eric Andre and other famous people. Her debut EP “SLEEP ON IT” was released in January 2017 with a follow-up album dropping later this year. Known for her provocative, witty, and powerful lyrical skill, Frex is the low-energy killer who plays the back until it’s time to strike. She’s a unique and compelling performer, a mediocre waitress, and a wannabe social media star.


  • She has appeared in 3 episodes in Season 9.
  • During all her episodes, she was mainly on the Black Team.

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