Michael William "Mikey" Day is a American actor, comedian, director, voice actor, and improvastional performer, best known for his role on Wild 'N Out on MTV and MTV2 until Season 6, but he is also an consulting producer for the show. He also appeared in shows such as Short Circuitz, The Underground, and World Cup Comedy.


Mikey was born in Orange County, California. He performed at the Improv Olympics in Hollywood for three months. Day also made a appearance on the WB's series, Angel in 2004. He has also appeared on MTV's reality series, Faking the Video. He also appears on the YouTube series, David Blaine Street Magic: YouTube Edition. He is also dating Selma Blair, who is also his co-star on the primetime comedy, Kath Kim. Day has also appeared in shows such as Wild 'N Out, The Underground, Nick Cannon Presents: Short Circuitz, MAD, and Incredible Crew. Day also became a staff writer for Saturday Night Live in 2013. He has also become a voice actor and writer for the Adult Swim animated series, Robot Chicken. As of September 2016, it was announced that he was promoted from being a writer for SNL to becoming a full-fledged cast member in Season 42.


  • He has worked on three shows with Nick which are Wild 'N Out, Short Circuitz, and Incredible Crew.
  • He has appeared in every episode of the first 5 seasons of Wild 'N Out until his final season as a cast member in Season 6 where he only appeared in 2 episodes.
  • He was on the Black Team of every episode in Season 3.
  • He is also a consulting producer on the show.
  • He was also one of the writers turned cast member for the long-running sketch comedy series, Saturday Night Live.
  • He is the third cast member on the show to become a cast member on SNL, first being Taran Killam and second being Pete Davidson.
  • He will appear as a Team Captain in an episode for Season 11, making it his first appearance on the show since Season 6.