Reggie Couz is a American singer, record producer, actor, writer, comedian, and Internet personality who is best known for his skits and original songs that he releases on Vine, Instagram, and YouTube. He was also one of the new cast members of Season 9 of Wild 'N Out on MTV.


Reggie Couz is a writer, producer, singer and actor – an all around entertainer! In 2013, he posted his “Titanic Remix” video on social media and it went viral! He has continued to integrated his remarkable vocals, music production talent, creative content, and comedic personality to provide the ultimate entertainment experience. People have fallen in love with his fictional characters Mr. Johnson, Pastor Riley, Holy Tony, Poppa Couz, the Audition Guy and Uncle Couz. Reggie’s character Mr. Johnson made a cameo appearance in Yo Gotti’s “Down in the DM” which has over 100M views on YouTube and his Poppa Couz character was tapped to introduce the nominees for Best Male Hip Hop Artist for the BET Awards 2017 Nomination special. His video Holy Tony "Know Your Presidents” was a viral hit reaching over 13M views on Facebook alone. Reggie’s overall goal is to impact culture and solidify his place as an innovator in the entertainment industry. Reggie is originally from New Jersey and is currently based in Los Angeles.


  • He has appeared in 3 episodes in Season 9
  • He is the first cast member to be from New Jersey