Summerella Boissiere or just known as (Summerella) is a American singer and social media personality, who was also one of the new cast members on Season 9 of Wild 'N Out on MTV.


Comedian, singer, songwriter and one of Wild ‘N Out’s youngest season 9 cast members, Summer "Summerella" Boissiere, is a self proclaimed, regular goofy girl who just has fun recording herself singing and being silly. Being a Social Media Influencer, with over 30 million plus views on her IG page weekly, 5 million followers across all her social media platforms and 2 billion video views, it's safe to say she's anything but regular. In addition, Summerella is a super talented singer as well having her 1st single, "11 Something" charted #15 on Bill Board Top 100 R&B charts. Summer is currently finishing up her debut EP with Executive Super Producer "Polow da Don" in addition with hit records produced by "Rock City," as well as "The Midas Mob."


  • She was one of the youngest cast members of Season 9.
  • She has appeared in 2 episodes in Season 9.

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