Antonio Ramos, better known as (Tonio Skits) is a American comedian and actor best known for his Instagram skits and was one of the recurring cast members of Wild 'N Out on MTV from Season 8 to Season 11.


Antonio Ramos is a comedian, sketch comic, actor, and professional side dude from the Bronx, New York. Better known as TonioSkits, he has received high recognition from Kevin Hart, who has been showing tons of respect by reposting almost all of his comedy skit videos and giving Tonio the honor to work in future upcoming projects. Tonio's social media following of over 2.5 million has created viral postings ranging from those of Vine, Instagram, Facebook of what is consider to be quirky, humorous, witty day to day topics. As a creative, he pushes the limits on how to entertain the masses, landing a great opportunity to be featured in Nick Cannon’s Wild 'N Out scheduled to air August 4, 2016 on MTV as the only Latino comedian on for the eighth season. Tonio is breaking barriers as a social media influencer as he continues to write, edit and direct his own content. He also joined Kevin Hart's comedy platform, "Hart Beat Digital" in August 2016.


  • He has also appeared on Teennick Top 10 which is also hosted by Nick Cannon.
  • He also suffered a accident that put him in a coma and nearly paralyzed his spinal cord but he thankfully made a full recovery.
  • He has two children.
  • He is one of the only Latino cast members.
  • He has appeared in 3 episodes in Season 8, 3 episodes in Season 9, and 8 episodes in Season 10.