Trevor Jackson/DRAM is the thirteenth episode of Season 8 of Wild 'N Out on MTV. This episode features Disney star Trevor Jackson as the Platinum Team Captain and DRAM as the Musical Guest.


  • Let Me Holla - Winner: Platinum Team
  • Hood Jeopardy - Winner: Gold Team
  • R&Beef - Winner: Platinum Team
  • Wildstyle - Winner: Platinum Team


Gold TeamEdit

  • Team Captain: Nick Cannon
  • Hitman Holla
  • Tim DeLaGhetto
  • Emmanuel Hudson
  • Becky "Pickles" Robinson
  • Matt Rife
  • DC Young Fly

Platinum TeamEdit

  • Team Captain: Trevor Jackson
  • B-Daht
  • Conceited
  • Chico Bean
  • Karlous Miller
  • Justina Valentine
  • Darren Brand

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