Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out or simply (Wild 'N Out) is a American improv comedy show created, executive produced, and hosted by comedian, Nick Cannon. The show debuted on July 28, 2005 and concluded in 2007 on MTV. In 2012, it was announced that the series would be renewed for a fifth season and would start airing on MTV2. The show's fifth season premiered on July 9, 2013 which aquired 1.1 million viewers which made it the highest-rated telecast in MTV2 history. The show aired on MTV2 for two more seasons until the eighth season began airing on its original channel, MTV on August 4, 2016. The show's ninth season premiered on June 29, 2017 on MTV.


Season 1-4

The show featured two teams, the Red Team being leaded by host Nick Cannon and the other team, the Black Team being leaded by a celebrity guest which they battle in "improvisational" games. After three games, the two teams freestyle battle in the bonus round known as the "WildStyle" which points are added to the team's total score and if the Black Team wins, the Team Captain wins Nick Cannon's Comedy Championship Belt.

Season 5-6

After 6 years of being on hiatus, the show was brought back by popular demand. The show returned with a all-new original cast with some of the original cast members from the past 4 seasons. The Red Team's color was switched to Platinum, while the Black Team remains the same. The show's plot is still the same, but the the show is now being taped in New York instead of Los Angeles to stay true to the hip-hop culture and instead of the main MTV channel, the show then aired on MTV2.

Season 7

This season (also the tenth year the show has been on the air) of the show, Nick makes his debut leading the Black Team and the celebrity guest will lead the Platinum Team (previously led by Nick for the past seasons). This season also features 7 new cast members and the cast members from the 2 previous seasons returning also.

Season 8

This season was filmed in Los Angeles, California which was it's original filming location from the first four seasons of the show with a new and bigger set, it is also currently airing on it's original channel MTV. Nick is currently leading the Gold Team (which replaces the Black Team) and the celebrity guest will continue to lead the Platinum Team.

Season 9

The season was filmed in New York City (the first season to be filmed since Season 7) and will continue to air on MTV. Also this is the first season to have Nick leading his original team color since the first four seasons of the show, the "Red Team" while the Black Team color also returns since Season 7 also.



  • Red Team (Seasons 1-4, 9-present)
  • Black Team (Seasons 1-7, 9-present)
  • Platinum Team (Seasons 5-8)
  • Gold Team (Season 8)



  • The show is currently one of the longest running improv comedy shows.
  • The show originally aired on MTV for it's first four seasons and then in 2013, it's revamp was announced and later premiered on MTV2 instead of MTV.
  • The fifth season premiere was the highest rated telecast in MTV2 history.
  • It was also announced in April 2017 that Nick is planning to open a Wild 'N Out restaurant in Los Angeles.

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