Wild 'N Out Presents is the weekly comedy special series that airs on MTV2 since Season 6 of the improv comedy show, Wild 'N Out and is presented by host, Nick Cannon


The series features two or three cast members from the improv comedy show, Wild 'N Out who are stand-up comedians do a comedy set on the Wild 'N Out set.


Season 6Edit

  • Chaunte Wayans/Karlous Miller - Special Shown: December 17, 2014
  • DoBoy/Rip Michaels - Special Shown: December 21, 2014
  • Chico Bean/Jacob Williams/Kojo - Special Shown: December 31, 2014

Season 7Edit

  • Shawty/Matt Rife/Darren Brand - Special Shown: January 27, 2016
  • Blair Christian/James Davis/Aarona Lopez - Special Shown: February 3, 2016

Season 8Edit

  • Teddy Ray/Becky "Pickles" Robinson/Billy Sorrells - Shown: September 6, 2016
  • Burpie/Elgin "Davidsito" David/Nate Jackson - Shown: September 6, 2016

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